Tyler created an informational video to explain his program, how it came to be, and how it can help you strengthen your core and slim your waistline.

This program relies on the belief that the majority of the population has been wrongly informed, and that properly training core muscles is all you need, with the right core exercises. Once the core is properly trained, all the core and abdominal muscles will fire simultaneously and work together to achieve that chiseled look and six-pack abs.

0-6 Pack Abs includes an exact sequence of primal exercises to perform, meant to strengthen your entire core and reset core function.

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The 0-6 Pack Abs program is presented as a secret to shedding inches off your wasteline and getting the six-pack you've always wanted.

The program was put together by a personal trainer named Tyler Bramlett, a well-known fitness trainer based in California.

He came across these methods of rebuilding the core and properly strengthening the abdominal muscles by studying the work of Dr. James Vegher, an extremely popular and successful doctor whose life work has focused on the area of physical therapy and recovering the proper use of the core muscles. To create this program, Tyler studied Dr. Vegher's methods and the related scientific literature extensively.

The truth is that a solid diet is needed in order to lose the stubborn subcutaneous fat layer that wraps around the lower stomach, hiding the abs from showing (especially the bottom two). However, the 0-6 Pack Abs program can indeed effectively supplement your effort to get a six-pack. Used in combination with a healthy diet, this program can give you the edge you need to get the results you want.

0-6 Pack Abs Review

Practically every man at some point in his life has dreamed of having those magnificent 6-pack abs.  Women get weak at the knees from the sight of them. Why? Because those elusive six-pack abs define the manly-man, the ultra-confident man, the man in the best shape of his life.

Why is it then that only the hottest celebrities ever seem to have them? Or professional athletes? Or bodybuilders? Why not everyday men?

Getting a 6-pack can seem impossible, but it isn't. It just takes dedication, discipline, knowledge, and the right approach. 0-6 Pack Abs is that approach.

So, what does it take to achieve six-pack abs? Read this 0-6 Pack Abs review to find out.

0-6 Pack Abs Review

Conclusion in Our Review of 0-6 Pack Abs

Together Tyler and Dr. Vegher, with their collective experience with recovering and strengthening the muscles at the core, have developed this program to attack the conventional methods for shrinking your waistline and flattening your stomach.

This program's foundation rests on the realization that there are two major mistakes every fitness trainer, fitness magazine, and fitness enthusiast frequently make:

First mistake, they don't recognize that a vast majority of the population is suffering from core dysfunction, from extreme and improper use of certain exercises, as well as poor posture, wherein the core muscles battle each other instead of working in sync.

The core is the foundation of every movement you make. According to Wikipedia on core stability, the core's main job is to stabilize the body during movement. Conventional ab exercises often don't help to stabilize the body at all, and can actually hurt your spine and add inches to your waistline in the process.

The second mistake is misinformation. People are constantly performing and over-performing the wrong exercises. People do these exercises exhaustively, thinking they're helping their core, when really they are often doing more harm than good.

Endless crunches and sit-ups won't work. The muscles those exercises target make up only 1/3 of the core. If they are trained all the time, while the other 2/3rds of core muscles aren't, an imbalance will occur, which will cause posture problems, back pain, etc.

The elusive six-pack abs can seem impossible to achieve. But they are possible with the right mindset and approach.

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Foundation of 0-6 Pack Abs

0-6 Pack Abs Program — What Is It?

Final Verdict: Unconventional methods to getting the 6-pack abs you've always wanted.

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Six-pack abs aren't exclusive to celebrities and bodybuilders.