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Lifestyle improvement is a broad category with many subcategories of supplements, such as those for Cognitive/Mental Functioning (including Nootropics), Meditation & the Mind-Body Connection, and Sexual Enhancement & Performance. If you see an area of your life with a need for improvement, there's likely a supplement to help.

Strength is a necessity for many sports, branches of military, blue-collar occupations, and daily activities of living. Building strength and muscle requires a knowledge of and dedication to lifting weights and pushing your body to its limits, as well as a disciplined approach to diet and supplementation.

When training for a sport or an event, it is important to build adequate endurance to be able to sustain optimal performance as long as possible. This endurance can be achieved through disciplined training, proper diet, and intelligent supplementation. Often supplements can provide the boost an athlete needs.

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Often the initial step in any new health regimen is losing weight. Especially for men, after first starting to train and watch their diet, the weight will seem to melt off. It is only later, when nearing a healthy weight, that the excess fat becomes stubborn. Many times all they need is a helping hand from a weight loss supplement.

Best Health Supplements For Men: By Goal Type